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Convention 2022

Thanks to the Springfield Zone for making this a very memorable convention please join us next year on April 29, 2023.

Mission Grants for 2022-2023

2022-2023 Mission Grants in order of voting selection

  1. Student Aid for Church Workers                                $30,000 Paid
  2. Orphan Grain Train-Shipping                                     $ 9,000 Paid
  3. Orphan Grain Train-Supplies                                      $ 8,100
  4. Beyond the Classroom in CID Schools                      $ 7,500
  5. Family Life Center in Effingham                               $ 5,000
  6. Sterling Lutheran Church                                           $ 3,500
  7. Support for Missionary Hayden Rensner                   $10,000
  8. Textbooks for Ghana Concordia Preparatory School $ 5,650

This is a partial grant. $10,000 is requested

Mites Collected for 2022-2023

Upcoming Events