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Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Eyeglass Holder Project

Trinity Lutheran Church, Bloomington, IL, serves the people of Kenya and Haiti by holding vision clinics where they check eyes, provide medical doctors, medicine, cataract surgeries, and provide reading and distant glasses as needed. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared with every person who comes to the clinic. Each person receives a tract written in their native language. During a two year period they will share the Gospel with approximately 14,000 people. Any amount of eyeglass cases you make will be appreciated.

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arrow.jpg   Eyeglass Holders

Type of Fabric:
● Lining - flannel, knit, cotton, polyester, jersey (something that won't scratch glass lenses)
● Outside - corduroy, duck, quilted, knit, cotton, wool, linen, denim, jersey, velvet

Size of Fabric:
● Two different 7-inch square pieces of fabric.
● One piece used for the outside and one soft or smooth piece or the lining (inside) of eyeglass case.

These eyeglass cases will be taken to Kenya or Haiti to enable others store their new glasses. Specific directions can be found [ here ].

● Helping those with physical needs.

● Contact:
Dorcas Circle

Trinity Lutheran Church
801 S. Madison St.
Bloomington, IL 61701