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T-shirt Diapers

When you send Baby Care Kits, you provide encouragement by welcoming these little ones into an international community that cares. (

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Diapers out of T-shirts

1. Use size adult M or L T-shirt any color.
Finished size is 14" by 7".

2. Trim off bottom hem of t-shirt for ties and loop.
Cut doubled piece across the t-shirt 14" high below arm pits.

3. Fold in one side 5".

4. Fold in other side to 7" across, folding the extra under for greater absorption.
Stitch down on the center folds to hold in place.

5. Zig zag top and bottom edges.
From bottom hem you saved cut a 23" tie and 2" loop.
Sew long tie across top end.
Sew the loop on the middle on the other end.

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