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Portals of Prayer Recycling

Recycling of Portals of Prayer is important outreach project we have for individuals who are incarcerated. Sometimes all someone needs is a reminder that they are still loved despite of what they have done in the past. This is an special endeavor to plant a simple seed of His love. "I was in prison and you came to me..." (ESV: Matthew 25:36)

Guidelines for Recycling
Portals of Prayer to Prisons

Your help is greatly needed in bringing the Good News of salvation to prisoners in our country. To do so is a simple, effective, inexpensive project, as described below. Just follow the directions exactly as stated (as this is imperative when dealing with prisons).

Pray for the Lord's blessing, then ...

  1. Contact the department of corrections (sometimes found in your state capitol) for a complete list of addresses and phone numbers for all men's, women's, and juvenile correctional facilities in your state.
  2. Send a sample copy of Portals of Prayer, published by Concordia Publishing House, to the prison chaplain at a prison in your area. State that it is your feeling that this devotional booklet is a clear and timely way to share the Gospel and request permission to send recycled Portals of Prayer on a regular basis, saying approximately how often and the approximate number in each shipment.
  3. Check to what individual they should be addressed and the specifics of institutional regulations with regard to sending devotional booklets. (Some institutions require on the outside of the package - "Contents: Devotional Booklets.")
  4. Upon the arrival of the latest issues of Portals of Prayer sent to the congregation, place a notice in the church bulletin and newsletter asking members to leave their outdated Portals of Prayer (no other devotionals) in a box provided in the Narthex. Inform members where they are being sent. Send only Portals of Prayer, as it is difficult to check all non-LCMS devotionals for doctrinal content.
  5. As a security measure request that any name, address, or phone number written in the booklet be completely removed. Check to see that it has been done before sending. When mailing the booklets, use only the church return address, no personal names or addresses.
  6. Having your congregation's Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) group (or if you don't have an LWML group, your mission committee) implement the project is very effective and recommended.

For postage you might consider a free will offering or inclusion in your LWML or congregational budget. "I was in prison and you came to visit me" (Matt. 25:36).

God bless you for sharing the peace, hope, and joy of the Gospel!

Immanuel Lutheran Women's Guild - Member society of LWML NOTE: The above Guidelines for Recycling Portals of Prayer to Prisons are also available on the website of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Macomb, Illinois:

Also, recycled Portals of Prayers may be brought to CID district meetings and activities for recycling. Thank you for your help in this important mission.