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Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Grant Proposal Information

If you have a good idea about a needed grant for an important mission in the Central Illinois area, submit your idea using our "Mission Grant Proposal" form. Your proposal needs to meet the criteria posted to the right. Thank you!

Lutheran Women's Missionary League
Central Illinois District
Mission Grant Proposal Submission Sheet

Because Mite moneys are so limited, and the need for reaching the unreached so great, we urge you to submit project proposals which focus on sharing the Gospel and pointing people to the Savior.

    Projects Shall:
  • Emphasize reaching the unreached for Christ
  • Be mission in emphasis, extending the ministry of Word and Sacrament.
  • Fit into the plans and projects of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
  • Be approved by the LCMS mission board of the district in which it is situated.
  • Be current and ready for implementation.
  • Be well documented.