Mission Grant


Mission Grant #1 – Student Aid for Church Workers – $30,000 Due to the high cost of becoming a full-time church worker, many students find it difficult to complete their schooling. This grant will provide partial funding to CID students so they may realize their dreams of becoming full-time church workers. These funds would be distributed through the LCMS CID Scholarship Committee.

Mission Grant #2 – Food Banks at St. Louis & Ft. Wayne Seminaries – $10,000 total

The St. Louis and Ft. Wayne Seminary Food Banks supply food and hygiene products to seminary students and their families. Receiving help through the Food Banks lessens the worry about financial burdens of everyday life and may even keep a student from having to take a job to help with those expenses. Helping students and their families in this way hopefully helps the student to focus more on his/her training.

Mission Grant #3 – Expanding Access at Camp CILCA –


Camp CILCA reinforces the work of pastors and congregations in teaching the faith to young people, adults, and families. These funds will be used to purchase materials and labor for

heating and cooling in two large cabinets at the camp. These updated cabins will attract more campers and families to Camp CILCA to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and enjoy God’s creation throughout the whole year.

Mission Grant #4 – Filling Haitian Tummies – Trinity HOPE – $5,000

Trinity HOPE is a feeding program in Haiti to assist Haitian Lutheran Churches in spreading the Gospel to the hungry children who attend their Christian schools by more adequately meeting their physical needs through providing a daily nutritious meal. Their programs help make the children healthier, increase their energy, and enable them to be more receptive to the Word of the Lord. These funds will be sufficient to provide a noon to approximately 110 hungry children for an entire school year.

Mission Grant #5 – Resourcing and Restructuring CID Prison Ministry – $10,000

The Central Illinois District LCMS will expand its Gospel outreach to incarcerated men and women in Central Illinois through a three-year project. The grant funds will be used to provide printed materials to inmates and to develop, recruit, and train volunteers to continue and expand Gospel outreach to our incarcerated men and women.

Mission Grant #6 – Our Savior Lutheran Church and School in Uganda – partial funding of $7,750

In 2011, the Lutheran Church of Uganda Seminary established Our Savior Lutheran Church as a mission to share the Gospel in a predominantly Muslim area. These funds would be used to purchase land adjacent to the Seminary on which a church and Christian day school for youth would be built.

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