Thank You’s from Scholarship Recipients 2015-2016

Dear CID Scholarship Fund Donors,
Thank you so much for helping provide the funds for this scholarship to be possible. As I near the end of my Concordia education, I look back and see how significant each scholarship has been. Thanks for helping make my dream of becoming a Director of Christian Education an affordable reality. I promise to use what I have been blessed with in a way that will bless God’s children. I cannot thank you enough!
Joyfully in Jesus,

July 29, 2015
Paul begins many of his epistles with “eucharisto,” a thanksgiving to the church that he is writing to. Today, I send my thanksgiving to you at CID. Thank you for the scholarship that assists me in my desire to serve the Church in the Office of the Holy Ministry. I thank God for all the blessings that He has poured out upon us in Christ. I pray that God will continue to bless and guide the CID. Thank you again for your support and the generosity that has been shown to me.
In service of your dear Lord and Master,

Dear Central Illinois District Scholarship Fund Donors,
I was very happy to learn that I was a recipient of the Central Illinois District Scholarship. I am writing to thank you for your generous financial support toward my higher education. Thanks you for all of your generous donations to the Central Illinois Scholarship Fund that has graciously given me the opportunity to follow my dreams and be able to attend the school of my dreams...

...By donation to the CID Scholarship Fund, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. I hope one day I will be able to help students to achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Thank you again for your generosity and support. I promise that I will work very hard and eventually give something back to other, both as a teacher and as donating back to this scholarship fund to help future students like myself.
Thank you again!

Dear Pastor Miller,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! I just received your letter regarding the Central Illinois District’s grant for the upcoming school year. I am thrilled to receive this generous award! Please give my sincere thanks to the Central Illinois District, and all of the congregations, donors, and foundations who support the CID Scholarship Fund.

I remember you mentioning one time how one realizes through his years at the seminary just how little he knows. Now as I enter my 4th year, I am more aware than ever how ignorant I am! Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to continuing my studies and discovering more inadequacies!
Yours in Christ Jesus,

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus!
I’m a second year student at Concordia Seminar, St. Louis. I’m writing to express to you my deepest gratitude for your support of my education at Concordia seminar. Your support is truly invaluable, especially at this point in my life and education, since I’m getting married...

When I first started at CSL, I was quite intimidated aby the steep cost of tuition. To be honest, I really wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for 4 years of education after I had just completed 4 at Concordia University Chicago. But God has been very gracious and very faithful in providing for me, especially through His body, the church.
I am constantly blown away by just how faithful and gracious God has been in providing for me as my heavenly Father. I’m very grateful for how he has provided for me with competent and faithful professors and an abundance of His word proclaimed each day at Concordia. And I’m especially grateful for how He has provided a way for me to take advantage of this education through the support of my own district, the Central Illinois District of the LCMS.

Please continue to pray for me as I continue my studies of God’s word, train for service in His kingdom, and prepare for marriage. Thank you once again, and God bless each of you with the everlasting peace which is ours in Christ Jesus.
In the fellowship of Christ,

To my brothers and sisters in Christ of the Central Illinois District,
I thank each and every one of you that were involved in the process of supplying and approving of my grant to attend Concordia University Wisconsin. The help that the CID has given me will not be wasted on a fruitless college career. Rather, I shall use the grant to the best of my abilities to serve Christ our Lord in His church. I sincerely thank all involved, including the CID LWML, the Doris Seider Trust, CID Church Extension Fund and the CID Endowment Fund.
The Lord bless and keep you in His grace,